We offer consolidated loads in the warehouses of Vingės Transsphere Logistika. Our staff ensures safe handling, recounts the accepted items, selects, delivers the production, and prepares export document consignment packages to specified locations.

Goods are stored in modern customs and commercial warehouses meeting the European and international requirements. We store all types of goods (storage temperature ranging from -30 °C to +20 °C). We have computerized accounting of outgoing/incoming loads and their security is guaranteed by surveillance cameras monitoring the area, and security guards. All our services are insured with third-party insurance.

Our storage services

• Long-term and short-term storage of goods in a customs commercial warehouse.
• Cargo handling.
• Detailed records of goods.
• Follow up of expiry dates, lot number tracking, FIFO and FEFO movement principles.
• Marking with excise and control labels, attachment of excise stamps.
• Weighing and measuring of goods.
• Packing, preparing of shipments for transportation.
• Sorting and selection of goods.
• Order management and detailed accounting of goods (WMS), online tracking of stock.


Customs brokerage

The company operates in Vinges Transsphere customs terminal. Professional and experienced staff consults companies on all issues of customs brokerage and helps to perform the necessary export or import procedures. Our strategic location allows to provide flexible and timely delivery services to Lithuania, Europe, Russia and other CIS Countries.

We provide customs brokerage services:

• Documentation for the export, import and transit procedures and customer representation in declaring goods to customs.
• Formalisation of commercial transactions.
• Formalisation and documentation of accompanying documents, permits, certificates.
• Preparation and submission of appeals.
• Representation in customs, public authorities and other services in obtaining licenses, certificates, permits, etc.
• Warranty suspension of customs duties.
• Consultation on customs issues and recommendations for cost-efficient procedures.


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