Social responsibility

We are a socially responsible company that volunteers in integrating social, environmental and transparent business principles in their activities.

We emphasise being part of the society, and strive to demonstrate the principle of compatibility of our activities within the society. We emphasise the values of respect, morally responsible behaviour, human relations, and a clean environment. We aim to create a better life for future generations.

Legal responsibility. We develop our activities in accordance with the law.

Environmental responsibility. We want to be an environmentally friendly company. To achieve this goal, we build a strategy that will allow us to upgrade our vehicle fleet to transport trains meeting the environmentally friendly Euro 5 and Euro 6 standard, by the middle of 2015.

Our goal is to use our cargo vehicles optimally. We organize operations to minimise empty mileage and transport cargo with the maximum use of the allowed amount of capacity.

We use different types of vehicles for the transport of cargo, ensuring greener transportation of freight. The Company's policy and personnel competence allows to achieve maximum efficiency of logistics with minimum environment pollution.

Corporate social responsibility and working environment.

We believe that employees are the greatest asset of the company, and the united and loyal team is a key to success. Our goal is to fully engage employees in the company's operations, providing them with comfortable working conditions.

We ensure the safety of employees, and provide training and career opportunities.

Due to the difficult work of our drivers, we aim to organize trips so that the mandatory rest hours could be spent at home.

Economic responsibility. We provide high quality services to our customers, and good working conditions for employees.

We strive to operate profitably, in order to expand and create new jobs, using modern environmentally friendly working arrangements. Continuous improvement of general performance of our company is our constant goal.

Our transport logistics activities allow to deliver goods and services to consumers in the most efficient way, according to their demands and needs.

Philanthropic activities. The company shares its profit with sensitive groups of population and contributes to social projects.