UAB Transavis company transports goods to various destinations in Europe and beyond with his own transport. Transportation of goods to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. Currently, the company operates tarpaulin and large trailer tractors, complying with Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards

Our transportation benefits:

  1. TIR system. We are a true full members of the TIR transit system.
  2. Highly skilled drivers.
    • Drivers are familiar with the TIR transit system, and in their work are guided and operate effective cargo securing, transportation, loading/unloading, control and supervision rules. We work according to the highest standards of performance, and our drivers improve skills in the company-organized training courses.
    • Experience. Our drivers have more than twelve years of experience in the international freight.
    • Stability. Low turnover of staff in the company ensures the security of customers and company's assets.
  3. Load safety:
    • Insurance. Cargo carrier CMR insurance (up to € 250,000), and if necessary, additional insurance to the cargo.
    • Cargo fasting elements. Fixing belts, anti-skid pads, corner supports and other measures will ensure the safety of your cargo.
    • Vehicle tracking system. Allows you to track your vehicle movement and location, and make sure about the cargo security.
    • GSM phones. We maintain a constant communication with our drivers.

The European Comunity authorization for transport services
Cargo carrier CMR insurance (annex)

Our fleet

115 m3 road-train

Capacity – 115 m3    Carried weight – 23.5 tons      Dimensions: A – 7.32 m x 2.95 m x 2.48 m, B – 8,14 m x 3,05 m x 2,48 m.

Tarpaulin semi-trailers

34 euro-pallet capacity      volume – 93 m3      dimensions: 13.62 m x 2.75 m x 2.48 m.